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My Not So Perfect Life

My Not So Perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella Loners had to learn to be independent in the big cities. Katie is a countryside girl who has a dream of living in London as an independent and successful business woman.

In the first part of the book Katie is trying to make it in London despite suffering doing it miserably. She is working her dream job as an assistant at a branding company but nobody is interested in her talent. She can barely pay the rent of her room which is ridiculously tiny. She can’t afford to eat in restaurants so she reads restaurant reviews to know which dishes is popular. She has no friend, no social life, no money. Apart from these, she is dealing with identity crisis. She is trying to hide her countryside origin and accent. She pretends she's doing very well and present herself very differently and cheerfully in social media.
She wants to be like her boss, Demeter who has a perfect life. (Perfect job, perfect social life, perfect house, perfect husband, perfect kids, even perfect lover)
At the end of the first part, things getting worse. Katie comes to like a hot rich guy which we learn later have a secret relationship with her boss. Her evil but perfect boss fires her unexpectedly. She does not have enough saving and could not find any new job in London.

In the second part of the book, she had to go back home to help her dad and stepmother starting a Glamping business which become successful in a short time because of her talent and knowledge in marketing. She does not tell his father that she lost her job. She tells him that she's on a sabbatical from work. However, Demeter shows up for a holiday with her family at the farm out of blue. Luckily, she does not remember who Katie is. This gives Katie a perfect facade to get revenge from her. During this revenge plan, Katie faces to face with very different picture of her former boss and at the end she comes to like her.
It was not a deep book but it was highly entertaining. And it contains many elements why I like Sophie Kinsella's book so much.
I love that her heroines are relatable, funny and charming characters who are dealing with everyday experiences.
I love how at the end of her every book she transformed her insecure heroines into stronger women who know what they want in life.
I love that in her books, romance was not so epic and cry worthy, even really shitty most of the time but REAL.
I can't wait to read more by Sophie Kinsella!